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How it works

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Simple & Fast
How it Works:

After heating for a short time, the contact surface of the heat_it is placed on the affected skin area. In a few seconds the heat_it treats your sting and can relieve the itching and pain. The app gives you feedback as soon as the treatment is successfully completed. The treatment is based on the scientifically proven principle of hyperthermia.

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Easy to Use

Anwendung des StichheilersAnwendung des Stichheilers

You can find the heat_it app for your smartphone in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store. After installing the free heat_it app, the usage is a piece of cake*. 

Anwendung bei Mücken, Bienen, Wespen und Bremsen möglich

The smart Device
for various treatments

For relief of itching and pain caused by insect bites:

> Mosquitoes
> Wasps & Bees
> Horseflies

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Many advantages
At a Glance

Symbol family

Suitable for the whole family
also for children*


Symbol working principle

Verified working principle 
only with heat


Symbol key ring

Always with you 
suitable for every key ring


Symbol sustainability

Has a lasting effect 
free of batteries and completely without chemicals


Symbol low energy consumption

Up to 1,000 applications 
per smartphone charge

* from 4 years, own use from 12 years


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