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Treat insect bites with heat

What happens during a mosquito bite?Treating insect bites with heat_it

Mosquito saliva numbs the bite and inhibits blood clotting. Immediately after an insect bite, the body releases histamine. This leads to itching, pain and swelling.

What helps against itchy insect bites?

Local heating of the affected skin area (hyperthermia) can reduce the release of histamine and thus reduce itching and pain. The treatment only takes a few seconds at a temperature of about 50°C.

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Every person is different - so is every insect.

The principle of hyperthermia for the treatment of itching and pain works by briefly heating the skin. As a result tot he lokal warmth the affected nerves react. According to the current state of research, it is assumed that this reduces the transmission of stimuli.

This way the itching can no longer be transmitted properly and the accompanied urge to itch disappears. In order to achieve this relieving effect on skin nerves, a short heat pain is necessary.

Since the temperature sensitivity of the skin varies depending on the person and body part, heat_it offers different settings for an optimized treatment. 






    The right use with heat_it

    For a safe and effective use of heat_it you should note the following information:

    » Only a light heat pain is required for the treatment to be successful. In case of intense pain the treatment has to stopped immediately!
    » For first use the settings "short", "child" and "sensitive skin area" must be used.
    » The same applies to the treatment of not yet tested body parts.
    » If the treatment is not successful, the treatment can be repeated with adapted settings after a waiting period of 2 minutes.
    » Please follow the detailed information in the instructions for use.




    A longer treatment duration ("medium" and "long") and higher temperature ("adult" and "non-sensitive skin area") can cause skin irritation for sensitive persons and on sensitive skin areas (e.g. inner side of the arm, Achilles' heel)!
    In case of uncertainty and when using heat_it for the first time, these settings must not be used. The instructions for use has be followed. Improper use can lead to slight burns.